Bridging Investment Gap in Somaliland

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Market Report: Kenya Business Forecast Report Q4 2014

 - Business: New Market Report: Kenya Business Forecast Report Q4 2014
[ClickPress, Mon Jul 28 2014] Core Views

US: Hani Garabyare's Journey From Somalia to the Senate

 - When Hani Garabyare was a little girl, she prayed that she would be an American.
The 27-year-old Somali native is now an American citizen and finds herself walking up Capitol Hill each day to work in the Senate.

Cartoonist exposes plan of the Somali president and his PM to sell Somali Embassies in Europe

 -29 July 2014 -  Amin Amir is a Somali cartoonist living in Canada who promotes social change among all the Somali speaking people Worldwide.

Somali Refugees Find an Unlikely Home … In Istanbul

 - ISTANBUL, Jul 29 2014 (IPS) - Through word of mouth and family ties, Somali refugees seek a temporary home in this nook of Istanbul [Somalia Street], in order to find some respite from the political and natural disasters that have devastated Somalia for decades.
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Monday, July 28, 2014

Gunned down in Mombasa – Kenya’s secret war on Muslim clerics

 - MOMBASA, 28 July 2014 (IRIN) - More than 21 Islamic clerics have been gunned down in Kenya’s southeastern port city of Mombasa over the past two years, according to the human rights group Haki Africa.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Alarming rates of malnutrition in Mogadishu: UN

 - 27 July 2014 - MOGADISHU: The United Nations has reported alarming rates of malnutrition in the Somali capital where aid agencies cannot meet the needs of 350,000 people due to insufficient funds, drought and conflict.

An Open Letter to the International Community

 - London, UK , 27th July 2014 - With a myriad of dramatic crises from Gaza to the Ukraine vying for our attention it is little wonder that certain issues fail to register either in the media or in our list of priorities. Drought and famine by their very nature tend to be incremental and thus invariably lack the impact factor until things are almost too late. The absence of rain and the scarcity of water whilst lacking the immediate drama of all out conflict or a downed passenger airliner are just as deadly. At present whole swathes of the Horn of Africa are in grave peril due to a paucity of rain, not just this year, but for a number of years.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Education is the Most Effective Way to Counter Radical Islam in Somaliland

 - SAFE  is Somali and American Fund for Education that has completed many education projects in Somalia and Somaliland. It is the believe of the donors that education will help people understand about live and  more about religion and prevent religious extremism.

Salary scam hits Ugandan Forces in Somalia

 - KAMPALA - The Uganda army has come out and clarified on a media report on a "scam" regarding payment of salaries of UPDF soldiers serving in Somalia on peace-keeping missions.

Kenya Defence Forces accused of funding Al-Shabaab of Somalia

 - The Kenya Defence Forces has been accused of colluding with Al-Shabaab terrorists in Somalia’s illegal multi-billion-shilling charcoal trade.

Infographic: Early season rainfall deficits in the northern sector of East Africa

 - Key Messages ( FewsNet)

Ethiopian Maid ends life in Saudi Arabia

 - Saturday 26 July 2014 - An Ethiopian housemaid committed suicide by hanging herself at her employer’s house in the Gulf kingdom, a newspaper reported on Saturday.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Video: Somali Refugees in San Diego Prep for College, Break Cultural Norms

 - Khadija Osman, 18, shuffles a stack of certificates, one for making the honor roll and several others awarded by teachers.

Picture of the day : Cal Madow mountain range, Somaliland

 - Eastern Somaliland's Cal Madow mountain range is pictured in this image from Japan's ALOS satellite.

US pulls Peace Corps volunteers from Kenya

 - NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — The Peace Corps is suspending its programs in Kenya because of security concerns and is pulling more than 50 volunteers out of the country until threat levels decrease, the Peace Corps and State Department said Thursday.

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