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Monday, February 7, 2011

Where is Somaliland heading to?

A boat without a captain always floats over the sea with the mercy of wind and waves. These days Somaliland looks like a boat without a captain, or even a crew. One event after another propels it to centre stage, where the sensation proliferates questions: Where is Somaliland  heading to, how Siilaanyo is prepared to defend it, feel it, symbolize it, celebrate it and be proud of it?
If months are a long time in knowing people, then years are a life time. Knowing about people is a natural habit of social life. But one cannot know a man completely, his character, his principles, sense of judgment, not till he has shown his colors, ruling the people, making laws. Experience, there is the test.
Siilaanyo is not new to Somaliland people. His pert but pertinent history tells his own  tale. The people of Somaliland felt the effects of Siilaanyo leadership behavior before he was elected as a president. Many people  knew his mentality and moral obligations.We knew that his mind did not usually go hand in hand for what he preached  and what he practiced.  It was not Siilaanyo who symbolized SNM struggles. It was his own demons that divided SNM into foes and factions.
From what we have seen of Siilaanyo, he does not seem a grown-up, in a nation that badly needs an adult supervision. His seven months old rule gives us useful pointers. It is one huge stress of  Siilaanyo's temperament, ideas, tolerance, judgment, strategic capacity, organizational skill, and resilience. Take the last first. Initially considered as a veteran politician, Siilaanyo has not proved that he is durable by any practical sense. He is empty of plans and programs. He is idle and inactive. He is slow of feet, and has no important voice explaining how he should lead the  nation. His tone and bluster, if there is any, ensure as if the people listening to him are only those who blindly agree with him.
There are many things that are wrong with Siilaanyo administration. Proven corruption and favoritism are not the only obvious ones. His foreign policy is wishy-washy; his manners of handling internal security threats is dubious; the way Somaliland media - the integral part of the process by which meanings are made in our society -   are treated by the state apparatus is despicable; his efforts to seek international recognition is fraught with disaster; his failure to give any attention to the great mix of drought and famine that engulfs the country is ridiculous and irresponsible.
For one, Siilaanyo is not loyal to Somaliland. His loyalty is to those who invested in him during the presidential election. This is not a secret. Siilaanyo himself would not be loathe to deny it. He cannot reinvent himself nor can improve the  environment surrounding him.
There has not been a single occasion when Siilanyo tackled a problem in a presidential way. Every time a problem rises or incidents take place, he appoints a committee; and that is a testimony to his lack of intellect. A leader who cannot contain a small problem cannot lead a nation, leave alone that he can turn crisis into opportunity.
The one thing we we'd think the Somalilaind people did not need any more was of leader who neither has the ability nor the intellect to know the weakness of those leaders before him and learn from their mistakes and get better. There really was no point to elect a president who has not improved his readership qualities by a learned education and experience. What leaders with no inclination to honest ruling ever done for Somalis, except that they made them lag behind?
The harder the contest, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly. It is dearness only that gives everything its value. I love the man that can smile in trouble, the one that can gather strength from stress and grow wise by reflection. Tough tasks keep the little mind shrinking, but he whose mind is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will prove his principles and ability onto end.
Leadership is not limited to the battlefields of the election campaigns.The real tests of leadership are much deeper and much brooder. They are the  inner tests, like remaining faithful when nobody is looking, like enduring pain when the moment is hard, like proceeding to the issues at hand with great celerity.
There is something in the current system that does not allow Somaliland to achieve glory. The notion of leading a nation is simply the union of great feeling with great vision. The feeling would give one a sense of devotion and dedication, and the vision a sense of duty.The mess and immaterial that we are currently witnessing is a testimony to the lack of that spirit.
Will Siilaanyo defend Somaliland? No. Can he celebrate it? No. Can he symbolize it? No. Can he lead it into greater Somalia? No.
Buried bones never bleed and breed again. Roses never rise from a rotten flower. Siilaanyo would not rake the soil gently and water the flowers; he would weed the beds and gather the occasional nosegay.That is his target.
What this would mean is that Somaliland needs firm hands to hold it, minds more ingenuous, more subtle, more cultivated, more cultured, more trained consciously to the task of devotion and mental development.
By: Jama Falaag
Slightly edited by Medeshi
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