Wednesday, May 18, 2011

London : in pics - Somaliland 20th anniversary celebrations at Westminster

Today was the 20th anniversary of the birth of Somaliland republic and its secession from the rest of Somalia . Thousands of Somalilanders flocked into the qaurter opposite the Westminster House of the Parliament rallying in support of the independence of Somaliland and demanding recognition by the world starting with Great Britain - the former colonizer of Somaliland.

Here are few pictures that I have taken for the readers :

Photos taken by : M. Ali (Medeshivalley editor )
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  1. Reminder in response to Facebook comments : I took this photo in London along with others in this article on May 18 , 2010 from the public that were demanding the recognition of Somaliland by the British government . Those young Facebook fans who can't understand the meaning of reconciliation should think twice and consult their peers or parents . Somaliland is not a clan state but a nation . These young girls came together to show unity and not for tribalism but to advocate for the good cause of uniting their people in Somaliland .


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