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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Qaran news refutes baseless accusations by the Somaliland Foreign Minister

Press Release by Qaran news: London (Qaran news)- Qarannews.com, a Somaliland news service website has been falsely accused by the Somaliland Foreign Minister of allegedly having ties to international terrorism, as well, as engaging in internet hacking activities.
These false and startling accusations came into light, after Qarannews.com obtained confidential documents from sources within Somaliland pertaining to several correspondences between the Somaliland Foreign Minister, Dr. Mohamed Abdillahi Omar and the British Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Qarannews.com would like to use this press release to refute these baseless and ludicrous accusations by the Somaliland Foreign Minister, Dr. Mohamed Abdillahi Omar.
Qarannews.com is saddened and disturbed by these false accusations made by a minister of Somaliland, which are not only without foundation, but, which also damage the integrity of the nation and its citizens.
Qarannews.com is an independent news service dedicated to informing the people of Somaliland and all other interested parties. For the Somaliland Foreign Minister to accuse Qarannews.com, its editors and staff of alleged links to terrorism is without a doubt the one of the most outrageous lies ever concocted by any competent and serious public official. If the accusation by the Somaliland Foreign Minister were not of such a magnitude, it would be absolutely laughable.
Qarannews.com is distraught by this blatant attempt by the Somaliland Foreign Minister and his cohorts, who lurk in the shadows, [including Mr. Baashe Omar, the Somaliland president’s son-in-law and a civilian, who appears to be giving instructions to the Foreign Minister in the disclosed documents] to muzzle the freedom of speech and expression in Somaliland, as well as, the attempt to damage the dignity and safety of Qarannews.com’s senior editor, Mr. Mohamed Jama.
Qarannews.com is not surprised by the failure of the Somaliland Foreign Minister to provide any proof regarding his false accusations against this news service. Furthermore, this woeful attempt to silence the press in Somaliland is even more painful due to its amateurish execution by a senior member of the Somaliland government; Somaliland’s international spokesperson!
Qarannews.com is dismayed the recent actions of the current Somaliland government in dealing with media. Arrests, beatings and detention without charges of journalists have become the norm in Somaliland.
Qarannews.com would like to make it clear, that no amount of false accusations or threats by Somaliland government officials will deter us from the dissemination of news to the Somaliland public and other interested parties.
Qarannews.com is proud to be a Somaliland news service organization. We take our responsibilities very seriously, and our website is dedicated to the democratic, economic, and social progress of Somaliland, and the region as a whole.
Qarannews.com appeals to the members of both chambers of the Somaliland parliament to help safeguard the freedom of the press and the freedom of expression guaranteed in the constitution.
Thank you
Qarannews Board of Editors
Source : Qarannews