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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

London rally for the recognition of Somaliland ( photos included)

By : Mohammed Ahmed Ali 

Thousands of Somalilanders gathered today at Richmond Terraces in-front of No. 10 Downing Street at Westminster demanding the British government to recognise Somaliland . These people who carried Somaliland flags came from all over the United Kingdom as well from  Europe and as far as Canada .

Jama Musa Jama who is a lecturer  at a University in Pisa , Italy told me that he came early Wednesday Moring from Italy to participate in the rally . Others like MP Abdilakadir Jirde came from Liverpool  while groups carrying the flags of Wales told me that they  came from Cardiff  in buses rented collectively for this event.
The president of Somaliland Ahmed Silanyo also greeted the rallying people and made a short speech at the venue. He was accompanied by the British police and secret services who later took him to No 10 Downing street where the British PM resides.
The other dignitaries from Somaliland government that I met in-front of No: 10 Downing Street  were, Dr. Saad Shire - the minister of planning, Dr. M. Abdillahi - Minister of foriegn affairs, Dr. Mohamed Rashid -Specail adviser on  foreign affairs, M.A. Ukuse -  the presidential spokesman ,   and honourable Ahmed Yassin - former Somaliland vice president .

The media coverage was very huge as both local and international media groups covered the event. Among them was Horn Cable TV that was broadcasting live from the rally point.
The rally went well according to its plan although the weather turned bad in the afternoon as it rained unexpectedly and became windy forcing many people to leave early. 
Please find below few photos that I have taken from the event for my readers. 
Written and  photos taken by Mohammed Ahmed Ali ( Medeshi)