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Friday, February 17, 2012

Statement issued by British politicians of Somaliland decent to the London Somalia Conference

17th February 2012 - We are British councilors and politicians of the Somaliland Diaspora in the United Kingdom and have joined to issue the following statement to the London Conference on Somalia.
We agree that this conference by the international Community on Somalia is timely, vital and to be welcomed given the dire humanitarian issues and the political problems that beset lives of Somali people.
We believe that the conference could make a vital contribution to make Somalia transit into a peaceful and stable state. A state that is able to look after its own citizens and contribute to safeguarding the world.
We understand that the conference will try and reach a consensus on the transitional political arrangements, the political processes, anti corruption measures, security and piracy in Somalia. 
We believe that the aims of the conference can only be fully realized with the consensus, participation and leadership of the Somali people themselves.

We believe that the international community’s well intentioned interventions in Somalia will only have success once local solutions that exist are valued and adopted rather than solutions forged outside Somalia taking the lead.  

We further agree that the conference has to tackle the perception that the solutions being implemented by the international bodies are self serving.  

We submit that the conference should clearly differentiate between Somalia and Somaliland.  Somaliland has not only adopted multiparty democracy but has also demonstrated a peaceful transition and in fact President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud is only elected Somali who will attend the conference, so we hope his message from his people will be heard.
We agree that there should be concerted effort to ensure that the Al Shabaab extremism is not displaced into Somaliland through any adopted measures of the conference. 

We believe that the conference should encourage the democratic process including institutional development of Somaliland. Somaliland National Development Plan is an ambitious document and it gives the international community the confidence that Somaliland knows where it wants to go in the Future.

Councillor Abdul Mohamed
Member for Faraday Ward
Cabinet Member for Equalities and Community Engagement
Southward Council