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Monday, March 19, 2012

The legend is 70 years 2012

By :Mohamed Yusuf Abdillahi - Diirqadhaadh
When Norman mailer called ‘’The very spirit of the 20th centuries’’ he was right – that century mind you was the century of many discoveries, innovation and inventors to mention a few he went : Einstein ,Pele, Churchill , Ford , Presley , kennedy’s , Bill Gates. But next to Ali they were just number two - even mentioning superman and mother Theresa , they couldn’t hit like him , dance like him , look like him , rap like him , crack one – liners like him, took a stand like him , ( he refused to join the American army for the Vietnamese war ) saying ’’this war is wrong’’. They couldn’t make a comeback like him , they didn’t possess his magic,  he wasn’t just the greatest pacifist slogan of all time , it was the greatest anti – racist one , summary of the futility of an imperial war and oppression of a black man.
Only Mohammed Ali – shackled twice with his slave name clay and demanded to be drafted in to the army and who twice broke free the courage he shows on the eve of his 70th birth day has defined  all his life. "No Vietcong ever call me a nigger and it offends my belief(as a Muslim) or I ain't got no quarrel with Vietcong’s" Ali said.
He was born in the racially segregated city of Louisville in 1942 and left school illiterate, but he discovered boxing and won Olympic gold in 1960, 1959 of 1960 golden gloves middle weight champion in 1959 of 1960. When he returned to Kentucky only, he threw the medal in the Ohio River and left town for good - what a man. It’s daring of convoyed surpass any one in this. Field he beat not just sonny listen to become world champion but the U.S boxing establishment who loathed his arrogant person and style of boxing that defied all their regulations ….
They called him the lip, he amend it to Louisville lip. His  timing is even unique in itself, once he became champion in 1964, he changed his name from cassias clay to Muhammad Ali in gesture that riled ( augured) white American no black American at that time dared complete  saying ever today would he said that time in 1967 during the Vietnamese war ‘’ I can’t take part in nothing where I’d help the shooting of dark Asiatic people who have ill lynched me, defined me of my freedom, justice and equality or Luther king or Malcolm x ; whatever price he paid which was immature to mean how he lost his boxing licenses, his world title, bankruptcy of ever calling him coward try the media only Ali grew taller or came back even greater of majestic.
He beat the best, foreman, Frazier Leon S Pinks, of heavy weights of U.K and Germany of that time. This man fought with the world’s toughest of roughest boxers, racial prejudice, the government ….. expressing his views of faith and parkinson disease far the last 30 years, but still remains the greatest none of these ………
‘’ Fly like a butterfly , sting like a bee’’ what a character, poet, comedian, civil rights campaigner of cangue 17th January, 2012 was his 70th Birthday.

By : Mohamed Yusuf Abdillahi- DIIRQADHAADH