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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

US, UK twisting arms with Somaliland security warning

(Medeshi)- Opinion-  The recent calls of the United Kingdom and the United States of America for its citizens to avoid visiting Somaliland on the ground of security threat is arm twisting.

It is a method designed to persuade the Somaliland government and the wider public to accept negotiating with the newly Western installed government of Somalia on federal basis.
It is obvious on how the  Western world has given much attention and media coverage  on  any of the actions of the weak Somali government. The Somali president was yesterday received by the British PM at No 10 Downing St. in London and  the UK government immediately committed to £3 million aid to Somalia. The EU has also pledged to built the the Somali institutions and to start their initiative by  training the Somali parliament - which is a move that I see as positive .
While all of this was being given to the weak government of Somalia that only  controls the Capital,   Mogadishu and few kilometers beyond its vicinity with the help of thousands of Soldiers of the African Union , the West were issuing consecutive warning against any travel of its citizens to Somaliland ; a peaceful enclave just north of Somalia that had a democratic government since its first presidential elections in 2002.

Somaliland  , a sovereign  state that is not recognized internationally, has since its secession from Somalia in 1991, conducted two presidential elections , two local government elections and one parliamentary election.
Both the public and the private sectors of Somaliland have significantly progressed for the last two decades with little support from the outside world . The country has one of the largest ports in the Horn of Africa and a large airport with the longest runways in Africa built by the soviet in the seventies at Berbera . Hundreds of thousands of tons of food and commercial materials are imported for Ethiopia through Berbera Port annually.
Hargeisa Airport has recently been rebuilt with tarmac runways and additional VIP lounge ,  in addition to an airport fence and surveillance cameras and other security equipment.
There are many westerners who work in the capital , Hargeisa and most of them move freely within the main streets of the capital without any security problems .
I , my self am a Somalilander and have  worked in the capital of Somaliland from 2000-2004 as an officer in an International NGO  and non of our visiting white westerners have never been threatened. I find it ridiculous that a security threat is issued now in the capital and other parts of the country  almost 9 years after I have left the country.
 I therefore, believe that this security warning by the West is an arm twisting conspiracy to soften the secession stand of Somaliland and is intended to force our government to bring them to the negotiating table.
It was only in July 1st 1960 that Somaliland threw away its independence for the sake of greater Somalia. The experience of the failed union with Somalia and the massacres of the people of Somaliland by the then socialist regime of Somalia makes it impossible for the people  of Somaliland to opt for another re-union with lawless Somalia.
(By Medeshi)