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May 24, 2014

18 people dead in major Al-Shabab's attack on Somali parliament

 - Updated - (KUNA) -- The Islamist Al-Shabab movement launched earlier today a massive and well-coordinated attack on the national Somali parliament in Mogadishu, leaving 18 people dead.

Photo of a vehicle after the attack - Credit  of Markacadey
The BBC reported that the attack started with the explosion of a booby-trapped car near the entrance of the parliament building. The blast followed by several small bombings and heavy gunfire.
The exchanges of gunfire continued for more than an hour before dying down. The BBC reported that at least ten people were killed in the attack, including four security guards.
Al-Shabab, which is linked to al-Qaeda, once controlled large areas of Somalia but was pushed out of major cities in 2011 and 2012.
However, it is still able to mount complex attacks. It has frequently targeted the UN-backed parliament.
Credit of OWN

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