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October 22, 2014

Erigavo : Rehabilitation of Dayaha boarding to commence by the beginning of 2015

 22 Oct , 2014 , Eng. Abdi Ali Jama told Medeshi tonight that the rehabilitation
of Dayaha Boarding school will start in the beginning of 2015.

Eng. Abdi Ali Jama standing close to Dayaha water stream - (Photo by Eng . A. Ali )
 Eng. Abdi Ali  who has just comeback  from an assessment trip to Erigavo to evaluate the needs of rehabilitation   the hospital and Dayaha boarding school said that “ I have just finished assessing the needs for the rehabilitation of the school. The project is funded by Somaliland Development Fund. Erigavo hospital , Las Anod boarding school, ,Las Anod Hospital and Dayaha boarding school were each allocated $750,000 to make these facilities operational". He said.

Sheep housed at Dayaha Boading school till today -(Photo by Eng . A. Ali )
When we  asked about sheep housed in Dayaha boarding classes , the engineer told us that “ Yes there are animals housed in the school class rooms but the inhabitants  have promised us to move all their animals and belonging from the school vicinity within 15 days". Eng. Abdi Ali continued:  “ the inhabitants in the area have slaughtered a sheep for us and welcomed us warmly and were very pleased to learn that work will soon begin  on the school and that it will be re-opened in the near future".
Engineers inspect the school structures - (Photo by Eng . A. Ali )
Dayaha Student dormitories - (Photo by Eng . A. Ali )
Medeshi has written several articles in the last few years complaining about the indifference of the consecutive Somaliland governments towards the region. In addition to the road that links between Burao and Erigavo , the region needs improvement in  the health services ,  Education facilities and other infra structure projects.
Both Erigavo Hospital and Dayaha boarding school were built by the British in the 1950s. No improvements had been  made to the facilities since its construction therefore,  making it worn down by time and weather as it degraded gradually to ruins.
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