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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hargeisa, a busy city with only two roads

 Commentary - Hargeisa , the capital of Somaliland , has only two roads that divert from New Hargeisa and join again at the Sha'ab area.

Hargeisa high street - Google image 
One road passes through the high street  and zigzags towards the presidential palace passing Hargeisa group hospital at the South . The other road passes through the khat market and goes to the west infront of Hargeisa prison and then passes through Togdheer street then  behind Hargeisa group Hospital  and joins the other road at the Sha,ab area.
These roads had been built during the British colonial era. The rest of Hargeisa roads are secondary with the exception of the airport road which ends up there. The airport road has also been built by the British during the colonial era .

Lack of enough asphalted roads creates huge traffic congestion in this city of more than 1.5 million inhabitants . The number of cars in Hageisa have jumped from less than few thousands in 2004 to 10s of thousands at the present. Yet the roads in the capital are the same old ones that had been built by the British  to accommodate low traffic.

Hargeisa municipality started last year clearing trees and shrubs from an area around the capital meant for Hargeisa ring road . But that project seems to be on hold for a reason or another.
Although , motorists  in the capital pay road tax and other traffic related tariffs , no proper road infrastructure is in place in the capital. The existing ones are also plagued by potholes and erosion due to running rain waters that fall  from the higher grounds in the capital towards Hargeisa dry riverbed .
Busy Hargeisa Market - Google image 
Yet people in the capital seem not to be bothered by the poor roads in the city . People buy expensive new cars daily. Some families have even more than one vehicle. People build homes and don't pave the areas infront of their homes to connect to the main roads.
Hargeisa needs proper roads infrastructure to alleviate the suffering of the motorists and reduce massive traffic jams that hinder workers going to and from work during the rush hours.
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