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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Somaliland : Head of political parties fly to Nairobi for a working trip

 Hargeisa - The heads of the three Somaliland political parties left on Friday 12 Sept for  a working  trip to Nairobi to meet with the ambassadors of the European countries and the United States and others to explain the issue of Somaliland sovereignty.
The leaders will also challenge the claims of  the President of Somalia  who said that he will unite Somalia in 2016.
The political leaders  will assure the ambassadors about the timely elections that will be held in Somaliland in July 2015 and will endeavour to speed up the release of the funds allocated for the voter registration and for both the parliamentary and presidential elections next years.
The British government has earlier re-iterated the Kingdoms support of the democratisation process in Somaliland and promised to review the progress made in the election preparation by mid Sept 2014 as shown in the letter shown here.
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