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Friday, November 28, 2014

Book : A Somali Nation-State : History , Culture and Somaliland's Political Transition

(Medeshi)  London 28 Nov 2014 - A book written by Dr Michael Walls of University College London was launched last night at the college premises in central London . The book titled a Somali Nation-State : History , Culture and Somaliland's Political Transition is of 358 pages .

The book cover
M. Yusef (Left) , Michela Wrong (Centre and Michael Walls - (Mobile photo by Medeshi)
In this new publication, Dr Michael Walls of the DPU offers a strong rebuttable to the narrative of conflict and state failure that is typically attached to Somali politics. He presents a thoroughly researched account of the historical and cultural contexts that have supported Somaliland's contemporary transition from patriarchal, discursive politics to a remarkably stable representative system. In an area renowned for state failure and conflict, Somaliland's example is instructive both locally and regionally. While success remains fragile with a number of serious challenges ahead, the achievement is nevertheless impressive.

The launch was attended by a good number of academics and college students as well as members of the Somaliland Diaspora in London .
Mohamed Yusef , a businessman , a lawyer and the CEO of Invicta , Perosoma and Pontus Marine Limited was among the panelists along with the author of the book and Michela Wrong, also author and journalist.
The book is available online at Redsea online and at the DPU