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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Commentary : Public health at risk in most cities of Somaliland

 Lack of proper sanitation and control of healthy food and genuine imported medications puts the public in most Somaliland cities at risk and exposes them to infection and serious diseases.
Open sewers mean disease spreading fast in the cities such as Hargeisa . People are at constant risk of diseases such as hepatitis, Diarrhea and typhoid.
Areas very close to Hargeisa dry river bed are host to the most infectious  diseases because it s where rubbish from the vicinity is dropped. The situation is often aggravated during the rainy seasons. Other risky places are the shanty house slums close to the State House at the west of the capital. There are no lavatories/latrines/ toilets in these slums. People often defecate in the open at night with no water.
Rubbish at the outskirts of Hargeisa - Web image 
Health services in Somaliland are poor that medicines available in most pharmacies are fake products imported from China or India. Many capsules bought over the counter in most pharmacies are filled with ineffective powders or adulterated medication mixed other substances.

Many food products , particularly powder milk , imported from the UAE  are expired products that have been bought on cheap price with the expired  dates altered and sold to the poor who care less of the expiry dates and simply want to survive.
State house camp - Hargeisa -(Web image )
The rubbish pit near the Nasa Hablood is the main source of pollution in Hargeisa . In addition to producing smoke as a result of 24/7 burning of the rubbish , it is also source of disease for both the human and animal scavengers who constantly go through the rubbish in the depot for food or for anything that the poor may find it valuable in their own standards.
Hargeisa and other Somaliland cities are expanding quickly with little or no attention given to the health consequences of the human waste dumped constantly within the whole habitat.
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