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Monday, November 10, 2014

London : Remembrance Day Speech by Somaliland Representative in UK

 Following is the script of the speech of the Representative of Somaliland republic in the United Kingdom on the occasion of the Remembrance of the Somaliland soldiers who had died in the first and the second wars fighting alongside the British army. The event took place at the Imperial Gates  in central London on Sunday the 9th of Nov 2014 .

H:E  Ali Adam Awale said :
“ A message to his Excellency, the British Prime Minister and his Foreign Secretary.
Excellencies, Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary of Great Britain , David Cameron and Philip Hammond , good day.
Your excellencies, in case you may not be aware of, I would like to inform you that Somaliland was part of the British Empire for 73 years. Our warriors fought both world wars side by side with your service men and women. We then got our independence on 26 June 1960 from your great country, Britain and that is well documented in the history.
The union we formed with Somalia to become the Somali Republic in July 1, 1960 has only lasted for troubled 30 years in which our people suffered a lot of injustice and killings. We worked hard to regain our independence at a very high cost. Thank God we decided to dissolve that union with Somalia in 1991 to save ourselves from the destruction which is still happening there.

Mr Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary, Somalilanders had given their blood to defend Britain, they fought side by side with your service men and women in different continents to defend Britain, many of them gave their lives for the cause. Today, their sons, daughters and grandchildren need your help not to fight for them wars, but by speaking out only a single precious sentence to them. That sentence is “We Britain Recognise Somaliland” ...that is all it takes to be the HERO of the 4 million Somalilanders who waited for good 23 years to hear this sentence .
It will not harm anyone to be realistic and support the right of the Somaliland people to self-determination. You were bold enough to offer Scotland a referendum to decide their destiny. Why not offer the same to Somaliland? We want to rebuild our country, live in peace with our neighbours and with the international community. We want to be democratic and stay away from the trouble and destruction next door. Independent Somaliland is our people’s decision and will remain so for ever.
We want to work with all the peace loving nations. We want to deal, trade and interact with the rest of the world and we are asking for the blockade imposed on us by the international community to be lifted. Indeed, we are blockaded as we cannot deal with the rest of the world smoothly without recognition. We are asking you to lead the call for international recognition of our country, Somaliland, we deserve it.
The People of Somaliland feel abandoned by Britain and that is a reality back home, but as the adage goes, it is never too late. Mr Prime Minister, the victory is there for the taking. Do not let others snatch it. Mr Prime minister, Recognising Somaliland is the right call.
Somaliland is there to stay forever insha ALLAAH.
Please accept our highest consideration,

Amb. Ali A Awale
Somaliland Representative in the UK.
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