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Friday, November 21, 2014

Somaliland elections and the lack of opposition agenda

  London , Nov 21 2014 - I attended the UK Liberal Dems  AGM Borough  meeting tonight in Surrey and learned much of the agenda and the political will this party has put in place to bring change in this country.
The speaker pointed out the  practical achievements of the party since the last elections; outlined the party agenda and plans for bringing change to the lives and economy of the country while at the same time emphasizing on the need of extra efforts on campaigning in the coming elections.

On the contrary , i  have not seen any agenda of Somaliland opposition parties. I have not seen any party outlining their plans to bring change to Somaliland politically or economically other than a blind quest for the top seat and power.

Would it not be wise for the opposition parties to change their tactics and point out and identify the failures of the current administration and bring forward plans and  policies that would  bring change rather than creating chaos by mobilizing the public and riding clan sentiments?

It is true that Kulmiye party came to power in July 2010 by clan politics. It is true that Kulmiye had set precedence and the other smaller political parties have followed the same steps and became into politics on clan support. It is true that the current administration is hijacked by cronies who marginalize the power of the president because of his of age and health.

Time has come that the people of Somaliland move on  from clan politics to pure democracy. Somaliland will not become a democratically  recognized country unless principles of democracy are seen in its political and judicial system. Imprisoning journalists,  shutting down radio stations , closing local papers  and muzzling freedom of press in the country and other factors have  already put black spot on the country's international image; a matter  that will take a long time to erase.
The incumbent ruling party is solely responsible to guarantee that democracy prevails in the country and elections take place as scheduled  , while all political parties  should abide by the constitution and the rule of law.

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