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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Somaliland - High ranking officer from Khaatumo joins Wadani

(Medeshi)- London Nov 30 2014 - A close ally of Ali Khalif Galaydh  and a high ranking officer of Khaatumo secessionist group joined Wadani National Party  today.

Mr. Abdiqaadir Mahamud Nuh said during the reception by deputy leader of  Wadani  in London: "we have been looking elsewhere for the last 20 years . Our people have now realised that their interest is its own country - Somaliland. We are all interrelated, have kinship  through intermarriage , settle and inhabit in the same land. We want equality and democratic rule  in the country ."
This is a victory for the people of Somaliland. Conflicts don't solve problems but cause the shedding of blood among the people.
Abdiqaadir Mahamud Nuh (left) is welcomed by deputy leader of Wadani - Ahmed Mumin Seed (right) 

Wadani National Party has recently enjoyed a huge increase in the high ranking supporters who had defected from various political parties including Kulmiye .
Several former ministers  who had served under Kulmiye rule joined the party last week.