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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Somaliland politics: Warning from Sanaag (Somali version included)

 The son of Haga Dheere , a famous Somaliland thinker, said whence upon a time complaining of Godly interference after his herd of animals had frequently been killed presumably by order of the heavens:

“If we voice out our grievances, we get punished ; But if we don’t speak out, the meddling in our family affairs does not stop”.
We are saying this to tell our fellow Somalilanders that we only have got one country which is Somaliland. We all have relatives and children who inhabit in the country. We call upon those creating chaos in the country for short term personal gains to stop it. After all, Somaliland is formed of coalition of clans and each clan may otherwise have to go back to its original habitat therefore, pushing the whole nation back to the primitive era when clans had to rebel others that crossed into their grazing boundaries.
Digniin Bari ka timi:
Wuxuu yiri Ina xagaa Dheere " Hadaanu hadalnuna waa afsalax ku dheg , Hadii kalena reerka qaska laga deyn maayo "
Waryaadhaheen wadanka kale ma lihin oo Somaliland aan ahayin. Dad iyo ehel iyo caruur baa inoo wada jooga .
Dadkan qaska wadaw ka joojiya hadii kale dee awalba reera isu yimi baynu ahaynee reerkasta halkii sii haku noqdo oo sidii ay ahaan jirtey hala is cashiimayo marka reer reerkale seerihiisa soo galo.
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