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Saturday, November 15, 2014

The RRU Takes Over Somaliland Parlaiment

  The Rapid Response Unit (RRU) took over Somaliland Parliamentary compound  on 13th Nov. 2014, to replace the ordinary police force unit which was responsible for the security of the parliament and which took orders from the Speaker.

The RRU in parade ( Google image)
The RRU unit is not expected to take orders from the House Speaker. The RRU is trained and supported to fight terrorism and has no business in meddling in the internal democratic Parliamentary process. It has been a very controversial topic in Somaliland for quite a while now, that the RRU is diverted from its mandate and is used by the Government to silence the opposition and other democratic voices such as the media. This action proves that beyond doubt.
The reason for their deployment is alleged to be, to muscle through an anticipated government driven impeachment attempt of the Speaker of the House of Representatives HE Abdirahman Mohamed Abdillahi – Cirro, who is also the Chairman of the strongest opposition party in Somaliland (WADDANI), in this session of the House, which is scheduled for this Saturday, the 15th of November 2014.The most important agenda item for this session is the approval of the new National Electoral Commission (NEC) and that is what the Government is trying to derail by impeaching the Speaker. Its approval was planned to take place on the 25th of October, but was delayed .
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