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Friday, November 7, 2014

Two Somalis among three killed by fire in Saudi Arabia

 (AN) - Three people, including two Somali brothers, suffocated to death in a fire that broke out Thursday in a poor Jeddah neighborhood, said Col. Saeed Sarhan, Makkah Civil Defense spokesman.

Ironically, the fire broke out near the Red Crescent station in the Nazla Yamani district.
The flames got bigger when they caught onto sponge-based furniture in the hall, emitting thick toxic fumes in the ground floor apartment of a three-story building.
The brothers were aged six and 10, while the third victim, whose relation to the other two has yet to be ascertained, was 28.
Ali Al-Ghamdi, Makkah Red Crescent spokesman, confirmed that two Red Crescent teams were sent to the accident site, where they found three bodies.
Civil Defense teams rescued six people from the building. None of them was seriously injured.
Sarhan said an investigation into the cause of the accident is under way and and the identity of the third victim is being ascertained.
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