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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ethiopia - Gilgel Gibe III Hydro power project 89% complete

(Medeshi)- Miskir Negash, External Communications Director at Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP), noted on Wednesday that Ethiopia has completed 89 percent of Gibe III hydropower project, adding that "The Project, which lies in southwestern Ethiopia, on Omo River, has 10 turbine units each generating 187 MW."

Miskir Negash further disclosed that Ethiopia’s first ever Waste-To-Energy facility, the 50 MW Repi project in Addis Ababa, is also 58 percent complete. The 153 MW Adama II wind power projects are well underway. Currently, 82% percent of the project is complete while the 51 MW Adama I wind power project which was completed two years ago and is currently made fully operational.