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Friday, December 5, 2014

Piracy may resume to prevent illegal fishing in Somalia waters

(Medeshi)- Fishing piracy has recently soured in the Somali seas after the decline of the  Somali piracy activities in the high seas.
The reason is because illegal fishing boats that had feared  hijacking by Somali pirates  are now emboldened to venture deep into the Somali seas to fish illegally after the decline of piracy activities. Some of the trawlers seen in the Somali waters are said to be using methods that will cause seabed erosion and damage the coral  therefore,  making the trawled areas uninhabitable by fish . The Somaliland government has recently made a call to the EU to address the issue of illegal fishing in  Somaliland waters.

Before the rise of piracy in Somalia, the industrial countries used to dump toxic waste in parts of Southern Somalia after payment of petty amounts of money to corrupt politicians in Mogadishu .
In 2008 European firms were  accused of dumping toxic waste off the Somali coast.
Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah, the then UN envoy for Somalia told the press in Oct 2008 that  there is "reliable information" that European and Asian companies are dumping toxic waste, including nuclear waste, off the Somali coastline.
"I must stress however, that no government has endorsed this act, and that private companies and individuals acting alone are responsible," he said
European companies found it to be very cheap to get rid of the waste, costing as little as $2.50 a tonne, where waste disposal costs in Europe are something like $1000 a tonne.

In addition to dumping toxic , the European firms have been accused of protecting illegal fishing in Somalia waters . One example of the EU’s protection of boats fishing illegally  in the waters of Somalia is the Spanish tuna fishing boat Alakrana which was caught by the Somali pirates in Oct 2009 while fishing illegally in the Somali waters .
The Somali pirates released the ship two months later  for a ransom of $4 million after several attempts to free the ship had failed.
The Somali pirates had been serving as Coast guards against  illegal fishing and dumping of toxic waste  in the Somali waters . Piracy may rise again in Somalia if illegal fishing in the Somali seas does not cease.
By Medeshi