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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Djibouti says 2 new ports to be ready by 2016

(Medeshi)- DJIBOUTI – Djibouti said on Dec 8 that it was constructing two new ports – both on the lake of Goubet and the Gulf of Tadjura – with total investments of $125.7 million.

It said the two ports would be used in exporting its salt and Ethiopian potash to other countries, expressing hopes that the two new ports could contribute to the development of its economy.

The first port, called Goubet, will be used for the export of salt extracted from the lake of Assale, some 120km west of Djibouti City, Mohammed Arif, the head of marketing at the Port of Djibouti, said.

He said a total of $64 would be invested in the construction of this port, noting that salt coming from the aforementioned lake could be used for kitchen and chemical purposes.

"Goubet Port is being constructed by the Chinese company China Harbor Engineering," Andrea Trentini, the port site engineer, said.

He expected the port construction to be complete by 2016, noting that the company had signed the construction contract of the port in 2012.

The other port, meanwhile, is called Tadjura, Tommaso Riccoboni, the port's resident engineer, said.

He added that this port would be used for the export of potash from neighboring landlocked Ethiopia.

Riccoboni said a total of $61.7 million would be invested in the construction of the port, expecting this construction to be complete by 2016 too.

Located in eastern Djibouti, Tadjura, which overlooks the Gulf of Tadjura, is close to the northern part of Ethiopia. Ethiopia says it plans to export its potash from this port in 2017.

The Tadjura Port is around 25 percent complete, Riccoboni said.
-Anadolu Agency