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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Editor of Somaliland Sun goes missing in Jigjiga

(Medeshi)- The main editor of Somaliland Sun  has gone missing on his way to Addis Ababa.
It was later revealed that he was arrested in Jigjiga on the 24th of Dec 2014 0n his way to reunite with his family in Addis Ababa according to the local reports. Yussuf Mohamed Hassan who is a Kenyan born Somalilander is accused of publishing artices about the ONL and the LIYU police of the Somali region of Ethiopia.

Latifa Yussuf ,  the daughter of Yussuf M Hassan, has  told Somalilandsun editors that she  received an anonymous call from Jijga on the 27th of Dec 2014 informing her that her father was in police custody in Jigjiga for writing about the Somali region of Ethiopia.
No other information has so far been heard about the whereabouts of Mr Yussuf while at the same his family are stranded in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia.
Medeshi group are very concerned about the disappearance of this journalist who has been taken into custody in a hostile region for publishing his opinion about the situations in that part of Ethiopia. We call upon the concerned authorities to immediately release Yussuf and return back his freedom.