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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Eight cooperation agreements signed between Turkey and Djibouti

(Medeshi)- The visit of President Recep Tayyib Erdogan of Turkey to Djibouti was the occasion for signing sign eight cooperation agreements between the two countries on Saturday (January 24).
These covered the creation of a special economic zone of 500 hectares and the establishment of a partnership between the Radio Television of Djibouti and the Radio Television of Turkey,as well as the establishment of a framework for technical cooperation in the fields of youth and sports, maritime transport and police training.
Djibouti and Turkey also agreed to initiate cooperation in the military sphere, pledging to work closely in the field of security and the fight against terrorism. Speaking at a joint press conference after their talks, President Guelleh, who highlighted the valuable assistance of Turkey especially in the field of renewable energy, welcomed the signing of the agreements. He said Djibouti intended to take full advantage of Turkish experience in the exploitation of geothermal energy.
President Guelleh also said that Djibouti’s sustained economic growth was encouraging trade and he welcomed the increasing number of businessmen in Djibouti. President Erdogan reaffirmed the commitment of the Turkish authorities to work for the strengthening of exchanges between the two countries, adding that the agreements would allow both parties to reinvigorate their ties of cooperation. During the visit a Turkey-Djibouti Business Forum was held, and President Erdogan  also addressed  the National Assembly.
- MoFA