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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Medeshi condems the killings in Paris

(Medeshi)- My people in the Kingdom of Medeshi condemn the recent killings of the innocent people in Paris.

This had nothing to do with religion.  We feel that it has been  the act of a derailed young men in delusion trying to make history in vain. We feel that God is ONE regardless of the names given to the Almighty by many people in different parts of the world such as Allah , God , Jesus and more. We believe  God  is the creator of All and does not need help from his creatures to defend him or avenge Him on  any assumed attacks against his books. We think that using force against those that insult the prophets of God is barbaric and unholy. We think that it is upto God to defend them and punish the blasphemers. We think that religion is between God and his believers.  We think that no one has the right to make religion the business of everybody. We believe that no one has the right to impose or force religion upon another.

We have earlier written  about how Great God is testing us - the humans  - while at the same time fighting his adversaries beyond the constellations . We were condemned by many readers who fail to see beyond the package from their childhood. We think that both the Muslims and Christians as well as the people of Israel should look to God and see if He is really free to mediate between us  while at the same time taking  respite from his constant war with the other rivals  beyond the constellations.