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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Rumours of lifting Khat ban in the Netherlands causes alarm in UK

(Medeshi)- Rumuors of the drug called khat to be allowed for consumption in the Netherlands bas been spread recently in most parts of the UK in anticipation that the British government might rethink of its decision in banning khat.
Khat was banned in UK  in June 2014
If these rumours become true  than it would be a disaster point for the Somalis living the united kingdom.
khat consumption related diseases are common among the Somalis. These include throat, stomach and lung cancers, dental plague and mental illness.

Man chewing Khat drug - Web image 
Khat drug has devastated the lives of many Somalis living in the united Kingdom . It has been the main cause of family breakdowns and children school under-achievements among the consuming group. It also drained the meagre income  these families got from work or social benefits therefore,  creating poverty and isolation.

Khat affects the health of the consumers mainly from the Horn of Africa and the Arabian peninsula particularly Yemen. But this may spread to the EU countries very soon because of the integration of khat consumers into the main societies in Europe. The white population had started consuming khat in England just before the ban. The problem may then spread to the wider population.
"The problem lies especially within the Somali community, which is much larger than the Kenyan or Yemeni communities within our country," wrote an MP during a debate on banning khat few years ago.
Man chewing Harare khat - Web image 
Although chances of lifting Khat ban in UK is minimal we urge the Home secretary and the government of her Majesty not to lift the ban that was only  imposed on this class C drug  6 months ago.  Many former addicts  in the UK  have found a new way of live since the ban. Many others found jobs while some  were able to regain their lives from this devastating drug through recovery schemes.
The NHS has also been relieved of the massive expenditure on treatment of khat drug related diseases after the ban
Britain should not lift the ban on khat because the largest khat consuming community in the EU lives in UK..
We call upon the governments of the United Kingdom and the Netherlands not to allow the import, trade and consumption of khat.