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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Somaliland : Sanaag Ghost king Curses the wicked

(Medeshi)- A real story- There happened a tragedy more than a decade ago.

The wicked did the killing of  my beloved one.
The beloved one departed forever but not in vain.
The beloved one  joined the creator in purity.
The beloved one lives in my heart and I can never forget her.
The culprits remain grazing inland.
So here goes my curse.
May the ground breaks under you.
May you die in despair.
May your death  be fast tracked and your trip to hell initiated.
May your souls  and bodies degrade on earth.
May your souls and bodies burn in hell for ever and without respite.
May your descendants follow your steps to hell.
May all your evil deeds be passed to your siblings.
I will never forget that tragedy as long as I am alive.
And so may I hear the first outcome of my curse immediately.
And so may my curse bring the reckoning to the wicked.
And so may my curse tame all the followers of the wicked.
And may this be the dooms day and the day of reckoning for the wicked.
I stand by my curse and my curse stands in action till I die.
And so my curse stands against the wicked.
And I warn you that the power of the curse is only effective  against the wicked as heavens accept all just calls.

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The Ghost King