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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Voter Registration in Somaliland - What to Watch in the Run-Up to Elections

(Medeshi)- Paper - Introduction - Horizon Institute 
In June 2015, the people of Somaliland are scheduled to head to the polls for the fourth time since 1991. It will mark the third time voters elect a new President and the second time they cast ballots for Members of Parliament. As in the past, these elections will likely be under international scrutiny.

While the larger and more dominant international observation groups have not yet been to Somaliland, several local and smaller international organizations have been on the ground to assess the administration of elections. These observers‟ assessments have tracked the successes and setbacks of past elections and have made recommendations for improvements. As is the case in many elections elsewhere, there has to date been no mechanism through which observer's recommendations can be taken up for consideration and action. This is unfortunate since observers, who were on the scene in the lead-up to elections, on election day and in the days after the election, are likely to have made some of the most useful assessments of the system as it worked – or did not work. It is likely they also came away with important insights and ideas about what to maintain and what to change.
Read the complete paper in PDF : Voter Registration in Somaliland 2015
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