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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Help Amran , a baby from Somaliland to treat a foot deformity so she can learn to walk

(Medeshi)-  By Watsi - Amran is a baby girl from Somaliland who needs $1,185 to treat a foot deformity so she can learn to walk.

“Amran’s parents are looking forward to her surgery and recovery so she is able to learn how to mobilize and reach her milestones,” says our medical partner, Edna Adan Hospital (EAH).

Meet Amran, a one-year-old girl from Somalia who has club feet. EAH reports that Amran’s club foot “causes issues in mobility. At Amran’s age, she should be learning to stand and walk, however, this has been delayed due to her disfigurement.”

Amran’s mother is a homemaker and her father is a shopkeeper. “Amran has been a patient at Edna Hospital in the past to treat her Spina Bifida and hydrocephalus when she was a baby. She made a good recovery and returned home where she sustained a fractured leg after her siblings were playing nearby and accidentally jumped onto her leg,” continues EAH.

For $1185, we can treat Amran’s clubfeet and allow her to move unimpeded as she grows up!
We  ( Medeshi ) have just donated  to Amran via my credit card ... Please support Amran  here