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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Leaked document: Sudan bans entry visas for Somalis

(Medeshi)- Following is a leaked document claimed to have been   issued by the foreigner Affairs director of Sudan.

The letter issued on Jan. 20 2015 and  translated into English by Medeshi reads as follows:

1- We have  observed an increase in the number of Somalis in the country.
2- Many of them do not comply with the residence laws in the country - which resulted in a  number of them being convicted and ordered to be deported. Deporting them has become  impossible  due to the current situation in Somalia.
3- Many Somalis have been caught by the Sudanese security forces while trying to cross to Libya and to Europe using Sudan as a transit hub.
4- Arrival of the parents of graduates and denial of the education establishments to sponsor them.
5- In lieu of the above, we have decided to ban the issuance of entry visas to the Somalis.
6- For information and compliance as directed hereby.

Signed by police general
Yes Mohamed Hassan
Director of foreigners affairs