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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Mo Farah breaks two-mile world record at Birmingham Indoor Grand Prix

(Medeshi)- It has become a familiar sight this, Mo Farah with the union jack sat joyously on his shoulders while photographers form a chaotic half-moon around him.
Only this time there was a twist. He wasn’t standing on a podium, but by a clock showing a new world record, the first of his career.

In a week in which a Twitter spat with his fellow British athlete Andy Vernon mushroomed into accusation and counter-accusation about what exactly Vernon said regarding his nationality, this was Farah doing what he does best: running so smoothly and supremely that it almost masks his intense victory lust.

Almost, but not quite. There was no hiding Farah’s desire when he entered the final 400m needing to run it in 58 seconds to break Kenenisa Bekele’s two-mile indoor world record of 8min 4.35sec, set on this track in 2008. Or the release as he threw himself over the line in 8:03.40, nearly a second quicker than Bekele’s old world best.
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