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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Satire: The king expresses abdication in a simple poem

(Medeshi)- God take this land over me.
I can't rule it anymore.
It is not the way it used to be anymore.
Daallo is not sacred anymore.

The west has visited it and it is not virgin anymore.
Abayid  is not far any more.
Qaradh and Madhahyahan are not safe anymore.
The sacred tombs of Buurta  Aareed are not accessible anymore.
They took  Jiidali and the name is not there anymore.
They claim ownership to Durdur and its waters are not sweet anymore.
This king  is in a plea.
God take this land over me.
The caves can't hide us any more.
The streams can't water the land anymore.
The fields can't feed us anymore.
The country space can't accommodate us anymore.
God take this land over me.
It is not mine anymore.
The wicked say they will build roads from the west.
Though Saraar is too wide for them to reach us , they don't give up anyway .
They amass money to mess-up my land.
The hypocrites of the west are not welcome anymore.
This is the beginning of the end of my rule.
And so great God take this land over me .
It is not mine anymore.
Sanaag , Somaliland