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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Somali remittances from the US to resume on 1st March 2015

(Medeshi)- Somali remittances will  resume work in the United States from 1st March 2015.
Most remittances were  closed after the US banks stopped money transfers on Feb 6 , 2015.

Closing money remittance  in the United States have had a large impact on the lives of many Somalis living in the war torn  country, after losing the funds they received from their family members living in the US.
Abdulaziz Sugule, is the chairman of the joint Somali remittances called SAMSA.
He told BBC reporter  Mohamed Haji Hussein when asked why the remittance  has re-opened that  "the decision came after a meeting with the concerned authorities in the US and that the arrangement was temporary and if no permanent solution is reached , then the situation may be irreversible"
Mr Sugule also said that  the meeting held with the congress yesterday will be followed by further meetings to find ways of a permanent solution to the Somali remittance problem .
Listen to the BBC report in Somali language