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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Somaliland: Air to ground missile hits Bali Cabane in Hawd region

(Medeshi)- Residents of Bali Cabane in Hawd region of ‪Somaliland‬ have told the local press about missile fired last week from a fighter jet at a place close to the village.
The missile caused huge fire ball and loud explosion according to witnesses . It is not known whether the fighter plane was unmanned (Drone ) or ordinary military fighter . No one was hurt in the attack and there were no property loses.
Camp Lemmonnier - (Photo; Captured from Google images)
Somaliland government is currently investigating the incident.
The US has a base in Djibouti which has military and surveillances planes that frequently fly over the airspace of Somalia and Somaliland. The base called Camp Lemonnier is a United States Naval Expeditionary Base, situated at Djibouti's Djibouti-Ambouli International Airport and home to the Combined Joint Task Force - Horn of Africa of the U.S. Africa Command.
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