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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Somaliland : The plight of journalist in prison for reporting unfavourably on the government

(Medeshi)- Journalists Jama Jiir  has been arrested in late 2013, after Somaliland authorities  ordered his arrest for reporting unfavourably on the government.

The journalist is a prominent writer  who had often written about the situation in Somaliland especially matters relating to corruption, nepotism , and mishandling of public funds by the ruling party.
Somaliland authorities could not bear the damages to the  reputation of the government by the revelations of corruption in the publications by the journalist and therefore,  ordered  his arrest and imprisonment after being charged with making false accusations and defamation.

The journalist is currently very ill in jail because of injuries sustained after alleged torture by the prison authorities. His family has also been denied to visit him in prison,  according to the local press
Human rights bodies operating in Somaliland should monitor the condition and the situation of the journalist who has illegally been jailed simply for expressing his opinion about the alleged corruption and nepotism in the country. 
We will – on our side - appeal to the human rights organisations worldwide to help Journalist Jama get his freedom back from those that had put him into prison.
As advised earlier to the Somaliland government by activists based in London , "a free media, an independent judiciary and an effective parliament are each key to a vibrant and democratic society; a fact that is particularly important in the lead up to what we hope will be free and fair elections in 2015."
By Medeshi