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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Cardiff recognises Somaliland - Video

(Medeshi)- Cardiff Council has given full recognition to the republic of Somaliland
The council approved a motion to endorse recognition of Somaliland during a meeting at City Hall, following in the footsteps of Sheffield council.
The UK has historically been close to Somalia, through its involvement in the British Somaliland protectorate. This link has given rise to a long tradition of Somali migration to the UK. Mobility has played an important part in Somali culture.The first Somali immigrants were seamen and merchants who settled in port cities in the late 19th century, mainly in Cardiff, Liverpool and London. Many of these early sailors came from British Somaliland and worked in the thriving docks, whilst living in boarding houses run by other Somalis- WK
Somaliland seceded from Somalia on may 18 1991 after a bloody civil war that had killed tens of thousands of Somalilanders.
The country has a functioning democracy , its own currency , flag , army and security forces. Somaliland has also held two presidential elections , one parliamentary election and three local government elections since 1991.
Today's recognition of Somaliland by Cardiff council follows after Sheffield Council also recognised Somaliland last year .