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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

David Feiller, a former English teacher at Sheikh secondary in Somaliland dies

(Medeshi)-  A Briton who taught in Somaliland in the 1960s has died at his home in Sunbury, west London.
David Feiller taught at my former school, Sheikh Secondary School until he became a victim of the mass expulsion of expatriates by the socialist government of Siyad Barre in 1971. An email from Mariam Feiller, his Somali wife, confirmed that he died on 8 March; the funeral will take place on 11 March.
M. Ali - Medeshi (Left) , David Feiller  (Centre) and Mohamed Barud  Ali : Photo taken by Mariam Feiller at Waterloo Station in  2010

Mr Feiller adopted the Somali culture and spoke a little of the language as well. I was privileged to meet him again in 2010 at Oxford House in East London during the launch of the book - Weerane, the Mourning Tree -  by Mohamed Barud Ali. Mr Feiller was an active member of the Anglo-Somali Society.

Feiller and RR Darlington were among the first teachers at Sheikh Secondary School; they moulded many young people who became successful in later life in Somalia and Somaliland; among them political leaders and businessmen. Darlington died in April 2007 in the United Kingdom.

Feiller is survived by his widow Mariam and two children, Ahmed and Ali.