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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Germany - Lufthansa announces the establishment of an office in Djibouti

(Medeshi)- Lufthansa Consulting has just announced the establishment of an office in Djibouti which will serve Africa and help expand business across the continent.

The opening of a continental office in this region is an extension of the company’s successful performance on the African continent and underlines the close-to-clients commitment of the aviation consultancy. Lufthansa Consulting’s Associate Partner, Bruno Boucher, will head the new branch office on site in the Djibouti Free Zone as General Manager, in addition to his existing regional responsibility for Central, West, and North Africa. Djibouti is emerging as one of the most important gateways to the African continent.

Strategically situated at the crossroads of the trade routes between east and west of the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean, the free zone offers an ideal location for providing consultancy services in East Africa as well as in other major regional markets. Excellent road, air, and sea network connections provide the Djibouti Free Zone with an enviable transport infrastructure which makes Lufthansa Consulting easily accessible for local and regional clients and partners.

The company also plans the mid-term setup of local resources to create a best possible mixture of local know-how and cultural understanding combined with international industry best practice. Overall, Africa remains one of the most significant markets for the management consultancy as it is full of aviation business opportunities with a focus on airline start-ups as well as turnarounds, privatization projects, and airport management optimization.

Increasingly, Lufthansa Consulting provides its proven expertise also to related industries such as logistics and railway companies or ports.

“Regional presence is key for the success of our customers and Lufthansa Consulting. Therefore, I am especially pleased to announce the establishment of an office in our traditional region Africa as Lufthansa Consulting was active in numerous projects in many countries on the continent for more than 25 years. Our existing and potential clients can rely on our high quality services and professionalism. We will continue to assist them in further developing their business, now that we are close at hand. Moving to Djibouti will greatly improve the communication quality with our customers and partners in the region,” said Lufthansa Consulting’s Associate Partner Bruno Boucher.
Source: ETN Global Travel