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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Minnesota- First Somali-American airports commissioner appointed

(Medeshi)- Last month’s appointment of the first Somali-American, Ibrahim Mohamed, to theMetropolitan Airports Commission has attracted volumes of plaudits and media attention across Minnesota — and other parts of the world.

But on Tuesday night, it brought Gov. Mark Dayton, local officials and community leaders to Minneapolis’ Brian Coyle Center, where more than 80 people assembled to celebrate and honor the historic appointment of the commissioner, who drives a cart at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport for minimum wage.
Appointed in February by Dayton, Mohamed joined 13 other commissioners who operate the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport and six smaller airports in the metro area. Dayton said he appointed Mohamed because his employment experience at the airport can be a voice for hundreds of other airport workers in the decision-making process.
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