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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Somaliland: Shoot to kill orders claim the life of a businessman at a checkpoint near Hargeisa

(Medeshi)- There was yet another victim today of shoot to kill orders at the  checkpoints in Somaliland.
Hussein Mahamud Awale (Gamodhere) , an innocent businessman was killed today at a check point close to Hargeisa by a policeman.

Mr Awale was shot dead by the policeman after the car that he was riding reportedly failed to stop at a checkpoint near the capital. The businessman was shot although  he was not the driver of the vehicle.
Mr. Awale was a livestock trade businessman who had no political affiliation to any party. His family has been devastated by the news of the senseless killing of their kin
This incident is one of hundreds of similar shootings that had taken human lives in Somaliland simply because poorly trained police are given shoot to kill orders without proper training on how to handle situations when people - for a reason or another -  fail to stop at a check point.
It is sad that Somaliland  boasts of being the best in the Horn of Africa and yet can't handle simple situations of people passing checkpoints.