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Monday, March 9, 2015

Start date of voter registrations in Somaliland announced

(Medeshi)- Somaliland National Election Commission (NEC)  announced today in a press release the start date of the voter registrations in the country.
Voter registration are prerequisite for holding both presidential and parliamentary elections in the country.
The elections were scheduled to take place in June this year.
In a press release the election commission announced today that : "voter registrations will begin at the end of July 2015 to coincide with the end of Ramadan" Saeed Ali Muse , the chair of the NEC told the press.
He stated that the registrations will take 4 months to complete and another month to sort or rectify errors. This delay totals to 9 months starting from today March 9 2015.
Elections will then be scheduled after the completion of the voter registration.
Today's announcement was about the voter registration and not about the time of holding elections" the NEC chief concluded .