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April 14, 2015

Somali Prime Minister Sharmarke and Puntland President hold talks

(Medeshi)- Somalia Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke headed a Federal Government delegation for two days of discussions with Puntland President Dr. Abdiweli Mohamed Ali over the weekend.

 Federal Government and Puntland Ministers and MPs participated in the meeting. Discussions covered implementation of previous agreements, the constitutional review process, the formation of the federal state in central Somalia and its boundaries, as well as the establishment of an inclusive national army and resource sharing. At a joint press conference, the Prime Minister said “I have come here for consultations. As you know the country is moving towards 2016 in line with national benchmarks and the finalization of Federal Constitution is a critical task ahead.” Puntland’s President noted there might be differences on some issues, and different approaches taken to areas of mutual interest but Puntland was the “father and mother of Federalism and at all times it stood for the unity of Somali people.” He emphasized that Federal Government officials should steer clear of 'serious' interference in the provisional constitution, and “any changes or review which is to be made to the constitution should come through consultations." The two sides agreed to form a taskforce to deal with controversial issues.
They also agreed to take a unified standpoint on Vision 2016 and hold a follow-up conference between Government and federal member states in Garowe later this month. The parties “acknowledged the role of federal member states in the issuance of laws ahead of parliamentary approval and in the nomination of national level commission members.” They reiterated the earlier agreement of last October to set up a parliamentary committee to oversee the Provisional Federal Constitution. Following Puntland protests over the inclusion of North Mudug in the proposed Central State it was agreed Mudug region should be divided into North and South, with the North remaining in Puntland and South Mudug being part of the Central State. Puntland agreed to contribute 3000 troops to the Somali National Army as a step towards building an inclusive and capable fighting force.