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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Somalia Authorizes Saudi Arabia to use Somali airspace for Yemen airstrikes

(Medeshi)- Somalia's government has officially acknowledged that it has allowed Saudi Arabia to use its airspace for conducting airstrikes against Houthi militia forces in Yemen.
 In an interview with the BBC Somali service on Tuesday (April 7), Somalia's Foreign Minister, Abdisalam Omer ‘Hadliye’, said that Somalia had “officially approved its airspace, land and territorial waters to be used to prevent the Shia Houthis’ takeover of Yemen.” He said Somalia was “worried about the situation in Yemen. Somalia shares the same crisis as existing in Yemen and we cannot watch what is going on there. Houthis are trying to topple a legal government so it is the responsibility of the Arabs to protect, and Somalia is playing its role to that end.” The Foreign Minister said the decision was made because of the ousting of President Hadi of Yemen and “the policy was adopted in solidarity with the Arab League since we are a member of the organization." The Minister also said that the Somali government would relocate Somali refugees in Yemen to Somalia though he gave no details or timeframe. The UN estimates there are over a quarter of a million Somali refugees in Yemen.