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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Somaliland - The construction of Erigavo - Burao road - (Video)

(Medeshi)- The road that will connect Erigavo , the capital of Sanaag region,  to Burao of Togdheer is in full swing .

The 375 kms road has begun   from Ina Afmadoobe village east of Burao and will connect the Lasaanod Burao tarmac road built by the Chinese in the seventies to Erigavo through Saraar plateau.
Accessibility by road to Erigavo is often tiresome and time-consuming. Overland access to Erigavo, the capital of Sanaag, takes at least 12 hours on the nearest tarmac road that connects Burao and Lasaanod to Mogadishu. The distance between Erigavo and Buroa is approximately 240 miles and is rugged and the current rough road zigzags through Adado Garadag mountains and El Afweye all the way through Yusfle to Erigavo.
The construction of the road will pave the way for the quick follow of trade between the fertile Sanaag region and the rest of Somaliland. Cash crops and other products grown in Sanaag can reach Hargeisa in less than a day when the road is finished. This will eliminate the dependence of the consumers on crops imported from Ethiopia as the current production in the western region does not satisfy the local market demand .

All photos have been captured from youtube by Medeshi