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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Somaliland elections delayed for another year

(Medeshi)- Hargeisa - The National Election Commission (NEC) today announced that the presidential and the parliamentary elections will be held on June 2016.

The decision is a one year election delay and a one year extension for Kulmiye rule.The elections have earlier been slated for June 2015.
Among the reasons behind the delay of the elections is the lack of voter registration which started  few weeks ago and will continue until Oct 2015.
Somaliland declared independence from Somalia on May 18 1991 after a bloody civil war that killed tens of thousands of civilians. The country has since had two presidential elections, one parliamentary election and three municipal elections.
Somaliland has its armed forces, police, national flag , own currency and banks.
Although not recognised by any country , Somaliland has diplomatic representation in countries such the UK, Kenya , Ethiopia , Ghana and many more .