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Saturday, May 16, 2015

London - person jumps from the 13th floor of Brinkley tower in Kingston

(Medeshi)- 16 May 2015 - Kingston upon Thames , Greater London - A lady in her thirties jumped from the 13th floor of Brinkley tower block at Cambridge road States this afternoon .

Brinkley tower - Cambridge Estates , Kingston upon Thames ( Medeshi)
I arrived at the scene a  little later than the ambulance and saw a lady lying on the ground. A witness told Medeshi that they saw a lady fall from the 13 floor of the tower block and hit  a tree before landing on the ground .Police and ambulances arrived at the scene at around 4 pm . Medical staff spent more than 40 minutes to resuscitate the lady. A helicopter ambulance arrived at 4:50 pm. to transport the lady to hospital . It is not clear if the lady died or was still alive when the police told us to leave the scene.
No information has been  given by the police .