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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Puntland is feeling the strain of the refugee influx from Yemen

(Medeshi)- Well over 5,000 refugees are estimated to have arrived in the port of Bossaso since the beginning of April from Yemen and thousands more were expected during last weeks’ ceasefire.

 Despite a lack of resources, the Puntland administration and local residents, have made substantial efforts to receive the refugees, providing makeshift camps and resources to look after the refugees. The camps are already becoming over-crowded as new arrivals continue to Puntland.
Local NGOs are being overwhelmed and clerics and local elders have stepped up a campaign to raise funds, urging businesspersons and members of the Diasporas to contribute. Puntland officials are also concerned about possible security concerns, not least because have increased attacks  by Al-Shabaab in Bossaso in recent weeks.
The administration is disappointed that there hasn’t been more international assistance forthcoming. Speaking at a press conference in the state capital of Garowe on Thursday (May 14) Puntland Interior Minister Ahmed Elmi Osman  said the numbers were getting beyond the capacity of local authorities and asked UN bodies to assist. This followed the arrival of a boat with 1,700 refugees from Yemen arrived at Bossaso on Wednesday. The Minister said the Puntland government was worried about conditions available for the refugees. It was necessary for donors and aid agencies to provide humanitarian assistance.
- MoFA