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May 12, 2015

Somalia - Al-Shabaab militants nabbed in major swoop in Mogadishu

(Medeshi)- MOGADISHU, May 12 -- Somalia security agencies on Tuesday launched a massive security operation in Mogadishu to flush out militant group Al-Shabaab elements who were hiding in some city estates, police authorities have said.

The joint operation between Somali security forces and Africa Union backed force, AMISOM police operation started Tuesday morning and nabbed a dozen suspected militants in what police say was based on intelligence of possible attacks in the city.

Security ministry spokesman Mohamed Yusuf said intelligence reports indicate that some Al-Shabaab militants had sneaked into the city and were residing in some estates in preparation for attacks.

"We have intelligence reports showing that Al-Shabaab fighters had entered the city and were hiding in some of the estates in the city. We cannot take chances but go after them before they cause any fatalities," Yusuf said.

Yusuf said security agencies will work effortlessly to ensure the city is safe, thanking residents for their cooperation and information sharing.

The operation came a day after a senior immigration official was attacked and injured in a drive-by-shooting in Hodan district in Mogadishu which Al-Shabaab later claimed responsibility.

Al-Shabaab spokesman Abu Muscab said they will continue targeting government officials.
-  (Xinhua)