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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Somalia - An anti Al-Shabaab Conference opens in Puntland

(Medeshi)- The Puntland Administration opened an anti-terrorism conference in Garowe on Tuesday - May 12.
The meeting is being attended by high ranking administration officials, clerics, intellectuals, security officers, elders and representatives from civil society groups. The conference, opened by the Vice-President of Puntland, Abdulhakim Amey, is aiming to produce a joint strategy to defeat Al-Shabaab, which has recently increased its activities in the state.
The Vice-President said that it was time for an action plan to be presented against extremism and stressed the need for a joint approach. He said “Fighting against terrorism is a responsibility for all people, not only the government. We are determined to defeat the terrorists from our region.” In October last year Puntland forces managed to recapture the Al-Shabaab stronghold in the Galgala Mountains.